In Cloud We Trust

The Cloud is a fabulous opportunity for organizations to increase efficiency: massive gain in time spent on building and maintaining complex infrastructures and applications, capability to better work with users on usages, and essentially, opportunity to increase focus on business.

Indeed, resource mutualization and on-demand subscriptions allow to better control costs and increase flexibility, while being more Eco- Friendly.

Today, operating a complete enterprise information system in the Cloud has become possible, and more and more companies take the leap.

Doing so, they have to abandon the idea of having their data in a controlled perimeter, and they are forced to trust 3rd parties (Cloud providers and SaaS editors).

However, data is at the very heart of business (intellectual property, manufacturing processes, financial/strategical information, etc.), and when it's not, it's most of the time subject to regulatory compliance issues or reputation matters.

At Leanear, we believe that organizations should benefit from the Cloud, without sacrificing security and privacy.

Since lower-level server layers (hardware, operating systems, etc.) are in control of application and service providers, the only way to do so is to rebuild a concept of perimeter at the data level, directly enforced at the client side.

For this purpose, we innovate to knock down the technological barriers for end-to-end encryption generalization, to finally achieve real time and over time secure content sharing to scale collaboration and enable cryptographic access control.

We aim to propose a software solution to build upon the opportunity of the Cloud and bridge the technological gap to allow companies keeping control of their data in the Cloud.

Core Concepts

Privacy/Security by Design

Software-oriented Technology

With the Cloud comes the impossibility to rely only on traditional information system security to protect data. This is because lower-level server layers are into the hands of 3rd parties, so the infrastructure is not controlled anymore by the company. In such a paradigm, a software approach is the only way to restore trust, building applications upon a technology able to federate usages on top of strong privacy/security properties.

Zero Trust Architecture

End-to-end Encryption

In the Cloud paradigm, "implicit trust" within a defined perimeter controlled by the company does not apply anymore. Building trust in such a context requires a complete change in the approach to ensure that data can strictly be accessed by authorized entities only. For this purpose, end-to-end encryption is a central requirement to guarantee that the company keeps control of the data, and to prevent visibility from application and service providers.

Data-Centric Security

Cryptographic Access Control

End-to-end encryption already works very well in the context of instant communications. Generalizing it for wider usages in the Cloud requires innovation to achieve cryptographic access control while preserving user experience, especially in the context of collaboration. This is where advanced encryption changes the game, opening a new era in the field of information security, and allowing the emergence of new protection and defense solutions for the Cloud.

The Team

Complementary skills and experiences,
dedicated to create long-term value


Cécile Delerablée


PhD in cryptography, specialized in privacy preserving mechanisms and content protection in organizations. Passionate and experienced customer centric entrepreneur.


Yohann Thomas


PhD in computer and network security, specialized in operational security. Tech leader and CTO experiences in highly challenging operational environments.


Pierre Hardy

Lead Software Engineer

Software Engineer, strongly skilled in software architecture and development. Experienced in dev teams technical coordination with high quality of service and confidentiality requirements.


    Bérenger Rosat

    Lead DevOps Engineer

    Network & System Engineer, with a solid experience in secured architectures build and run, and a senior expertise in CI/CD services integration and customer service delivery.


    Lénaïck Gouriou

    Cryptography Engineer

    PhD in cryptography from ENS, specialized in advanced data protection mechanisms.


    Steven Keravec

    Full Stack Developer

    Graduated from ESSCA in Financial Engineering, self-taught developer passionate about programming and new technologies, specialized in Web development.


    Aymeric Sorek

    DevOps Engineer

    Cybersecurity engineer, experienced in audit & pentest, especially focused on Cloud operations & security automation.


    Tony Appercé


    42 alumni, student at École 2600, specializing in secure software development and DevSecOps.


    Hadrien Cortade


    Graduated in Mathematics from University of Surrey (UK), student at École 2600, specializing in cryptography R&D.


    Nathan Herluc


    Graduated in Business Administration, specializing in Innovation Management and Communication at Panthéon-Sorbonne University.


    David Pointcheval

    Principal Sc. Advisor

    Senior CNRS Researcher, head of the ENS Computer Science Department and the ENS Crypto Team. Specialist of security models and proofs, with a broad vision of academic cryptography.


    Sonia Belaïd

    Sc. Advisor

    PhD in Cryptography, specialized in side channel attacks and countermeasures, post-quantum cryptography and AI. Past experiences at Oberthur Technologies and Thales, now expert at CryptoExperts.


    Matthieu Rivain

    Sc. Advisor

    PhD in Cryptography, specialized in secure cryptographic implementations and white-box cryptography. CEO at CryptoExperts, daily confronted with many technical challenges and B2B needs.

    An ambitious mission,
    with a high quality support

    We trust each other


    Support from the Fund for Innovation, as part of the French Deep Tech plan. Bpifrance is the French agency for innovation, delivering massive programs to innovative entrepreneurs.

    La French Tech Seed Label

    Leanear has been granted the French Tech Seed label, aiming at leveraging private investment with a dedicated fund to help DeepTech startups in the post-maturation stage.

    PSL Université Paris

    Leanear is supported by PSL, a novel university that encompasses a rich array of prestigious schools and institutions, including ENS, and that fosters the emergence of new ideas and disruptive innovations.

    Campus Cyber

    Campus Cyber is a project initiated by the French President to bring together in a same place the most influent national and international actors of cybersecurity.

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